Summer Camps

Welcome 2023 Campers!

This year, 2023, we will be hosting Summer Day Camps at our Indoor Location In Fairfield, IL

Learn Team building and individual techniques to master the games. Have fun with friends. Play some arcades and Snacks are provided each day.

Younger Groups (Ages 5-8) Compete in Gellyball Booth
Older Groups (Ages 9-12) Compete Against Each Other in Gellyball Games

Gellyball Waivers must be signed by parent/guardian.

There are only 20 spots available per camp.

Camp Dates

June Dates:
(Ages 5-8) 5th-7th 9am-12pm
((Ages 9-12) 12th-14th 9am-12pm

July Dates:
(Ages 5-8) 17th-19th 9am-12pm
(Ages 9-12) 24th-26th 9am-12pm

Camp Fees:
$65/per camper

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