Birthday Parties

Indoor Location: Times Square Mall Mt. Vernon, IL
$150 for 8 players each player with 4 lazer tag games each. Additional player are $15 each. No more than 12 players in the arena at a time. Includes seating for 2 hours and you are welcome to bring cake and party favors. Arcade games range from $0.50 to $3. Each player receives $2.00 to play arcade games.
*All prices are subject to change*

Outdoor Location: Woodlawn, IL
$150 for 10 players for 2 hours of unlimited lazer tag in the woods. Additional players are $10 each. You are welcome to bring any food or drink you like.

Add a game of Gelly ball for $4 per person.
Add Climbing wall for $5 per climber.
Add a game of Mini Golf for $3 per person.
*All prices are subject to change*