Lazer Tag in Woodlawn, IL

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Outdoor Location!

Here at this location we offer some great things.

Lazer Tag
We have a total of 4 acres of Wooded Area just for lazer tag fun. Bunkers, building, vehicles and more! Bridges you can run across and creaks to jump in and out of.  Make sure to bring outdoor clothing and enclosed shoes. For all ages.

Climbing Wall
The Climbing Wall is 24ft tall. You can choose to take the Easy, Medium and Hard routes to ring the bell at the top. Ages 6 and up.

Mini Golf
Welcome to the Mini Golf section. Here we have a total of 18 holes to play on. Each hole is different than the last one, obstacles will be coming soon. Now here is a special for everyone. Out of all 18 holes, one is the hardest to do. Number 8, you might think its a straight shot but its not. If you get a hole in one on number 8, go find a worker and say you did it and we will give you a free shaved ice. Choose any flavor at R&J Arctic Oasis.

Mini Playground
We do have a mini play ground for the little ones. Its fenced in so kids can play freely. Slides, toys and more!